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Australian Dream



POETRY & MUSIC © Mohsen Soltany 2006


Deepest thanks to all involved in this project for your generous donation of time, energy and expertise, and to everyone engaged in the vigilance and maintenance of human rights everywhere.

Thanks also to Chilout, Refugee Action Coalition (NSW, VIC & QLD), and especially to citizens Mary E Nilon, Helen Lewers and Tahiti (aged 5), who have helped to underwrite the project. And to Ardeshir Gholipour for his image on the cover.

President, Melbourne PEN
Message on the occasion of the launch of Mohsen Soltany Zand's
'Australian Dream' Spoken Word CD

On behalf of Melbourne PEN I congratulate Mohsen on the launch of his spoken word CD.

It is a wonderful achievement in so many ways. To emerge from 4 heart breaking years of detention with the creative spirit intact is an achievement in itself. To create such a powerful and moving work in English as an adopted language is extraordinary. Mohsen has assembled a wonderful group of committed activist and artists to perform his work.

The poetry covers a vast range of contemporary concerns. Mohsen's is an important voice that has much to say about who we are as a nation, and above all, the compassion and understanding we must develop if we are to progress and become a welcoming and
inclusive society.

I also congratulate Ardeshir Gholipour for his powerful work, 'Panic', which features as the cover of the CD. No other painting encapsulates so profoundly the horror of long term detention. This is the face of a man on the brink of utter despair. It is the face of innocence defiled.

It is the face of our national shame. It is a piercing cry for freedom and understanding. It is an image that haunts us, and poses many questions. How did we do this to people who only strove to do what our own forbears did: find a haven for their families, and a place to begin life anew.

This is an important CD, beautifully realised, and an extremely significant addition to a growing chorus of Australian voices proclaiming: We will not forget these gross violations of human rights, and cruel treatment of our brothers and sisters from across the seas. We welcome you, and salute your courage in making your perilous journeys to freedom.

Arnold Zable
November 1, 2005

The speakers (order of appearance):

Bryan Brown is an actor;

Jason Whalley is a member of Frenzal
Rhomb and JJJ presenter;

Sandy Evans is recognised as one of the
leading saxophonists (tenor and soprano)
and composers in contemporary jazz
in Australia. She leads the
Sandy Evans Trio;

Suzanne Tzannes is a psychotherapist and refugee activist (who worked on Mohsen's
case which saw him finally released),

Linsey Pollak is well known all around
Australia as a musician, instrument maker, composer, musical director and community
music facilitator;

Annette Hughes is a singer and producer
of the album;

Geoffrey Datson is a poet, musician and
recording artist;

Tom Keneally is the author of
The Tyrant's Novel
(Random House) among
many other works of fiction and is a tireless humanitarian;

KirstenWhalley is a musician;

Ross Tzannes is a solicitor;

Tony Stephens is a journalist who wrote
one of the first stories about the reality of
Villawood in the SMH;

Zachary Steel is a clinical psychologist
who has exposed the psychological damage
caused by indefinite incarceration;

Ngareta Rossell is a former journalist and indefatigable advocate for human rights;

Bruno Brayovic is a member of the band Peabody;

Lindsay McDougall is a member of
Frenzal Rhomb and JJJ presenter;

Claudia Karvan is an actress and civil
rights activist;

Ian Sutherland is that extraordinary
creature, an 'ordinary Australian';

Tony Kevin is the author of
"A certain Maritime Incident",

Senator Kerry Nettle
was among he
first politicians to recognise the
truth and act;

Tomas Riley Brown (bubba) is innocent -
he came with his mother to visit detainees;

Johanne Gow is Thomas' mother;

Linda Janssen is of the Wicked
Beat Sound System , and was born
in the Villawood reception centre:

John Bell is Australia's finest actor, no
stranger to tragedy;

Robert Macaulay is a lawyer;

Jeffrey Kamins is the rabbi at
Temple Emanuel, Woollahra;

Rosie Scott is an author and driving
force of PEN's Writers in
Detention Committee;

Angela Stretch is the producer of 2SER's Wordjammin Program;

Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence is the federal
member for Fremantle;

Tanya Mconvell is a broadcaster for
Radio 2XXFM, and producer of
"Voices on the Line" excerpted here;

Dr Alexander Tzannes is a Medical
doctor and surrogate brother to Mohsen:

Linda Cropper is an actress;

Sarah Stephen is a journalist and
refugee -rights activist;

Zal Shabazi is in limbo;

Lucy Bell is an actress;

Sen Andrew Bartlett is Queensland
Democrat senator,

John Highfield is an ABC journalist
and broadcaster:

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