Sunday, May 23, 2010


Australian Dream version:

Mohsen version:

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The sun sets on the horizon
Warm and ancient
In the falling darkness
It projects a bold shade of red
the heart of the world.

Night is rising and the day is finished
The stars mourn the dying sun,
Flickering, crying, for the day
the sky cries raindrops
Sometimes blood.
A falling star
Can clean the face of the sky
Wiping away the tears.
When the sky cries
The wind is its comfort
making the light of love,
the morning dew he lover's cover.

If I go into the sunset
I have no sky
I have no moon or cloud for crying
I have no wind to make me comfortable
I have no falling star.
I sleep on the ground, soil my blanket
If creatures feast on my body
Then I am alive
Within myself

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