Sunday, May 23, 2010


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  1. Thank you so very much for the wonderful book you sent me via Samantha. I am going to pen a love poem, frame and give it to Samantha and Arash when they are together again from the book.You are one special person. Thank you again. Marie

  2. Dear Mr Zand,
    My name is Anne Twigg and I'm an artist; a painter and a printmaker. Recently I've been working my ideas and expression through books. I have come across your blogspot and your poem "The Only Hope After God". I would like to ask for copyright to republish your poem in a book I'm making about lot of asylum seekers coming to Australia. The book is called Our Home. I am making the book for my grandson and it is an apology for the wrongs that have been inflicted upon those people who have been seeking asylum in our country in recent times or since mandatory detention became law. The edition will be small, 20 copies. I am happy to pay for the right to use your poem, happy for you to have a copy and for you to see more of the work before it is printed. Full acknowledgement of your contribution will be included in the book. I am looking forward to your reply. Please contact me through Monica, a friend who is helping me with the production of the book at my Yours sincerely, Anne